Historical Models 
Civil War Fort Holmes, Bald Head Island (2002). See brochure. On display at Bald Head Island Museum
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Aerial view Lighthouse U.S.S. Emma Battery Holmes  Battery No.3 Battery No.4
Roswell models On display at:
Roswell Railroad Station (1994)

Bulloch Hall 
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Bulloch Hall addition to town (1990) Roswell Visitor's Center
Newspaper articles about Roswell models
The Revue, Hatcher Hurd, Mapping out Roswell's history puts it all in perspective, 2-17-1995. Related sidebar.
Atlanta Journal Constitution, Tinah Saunders, STAFF WRITER, In hot pursuit of history Mysteries of 100 years ago don't have a chance when Roswell police officer Michael Hitt gets on the trail., 11-09-2000. Model Picture
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Historical Models
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